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Coaching is a much-utilised method of addressing individual issues in a quick and targeted manner. Rather than deal with issues individually, it is easier and less time consuming to discuss them with an experienced neutral party. Usually one does sense a solution on their own; however, a rational discussion brings about clarity very quickly.

All of StrakeConsulting*’s coaches are trained in several methodological approaches (such as ROMPC) and have at least 15 years experience in one-on-one consulting. Depending on the subject matter, we can select the most appropriate support for you from our pool of coaches.

Areas of coaching

◦ Learning new tasks
◦ Responsibilities and boundaries of the task
◦ Self-organisation
◦ Self marketing
◦ Stress management
◦ Time management
◦ Dealing with conflict
◦ Planning difficult negotiations
◦ Improved presentation techniques
◦ Career planning

Our specialists can also advise on the following core subjects:

Health coaching

You work on your abilities to remain efficient despite ongoing challenges.


Sometimes one’s skills are compromised by stress. For many, one such challenge is public speaking. The stronger the emotions, the quicker the brain stores the experience. Fortunately, such fears can just as easily be unlearned. This is the reason why ROMPC (Relationship Oriented Meridian-based Psychotherapy, Counselling and Coaching) has proved to be very effective.

In-depth advice

In some areas, it may be helpful to extend the scope of the coaching. Behavioural patterns established in childhood, during youth or through family dynamics, can exert a large influence on the behaviour and experiences of the professional. Such issues can be addressed by some of our trained specialists.

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