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With strategy for your success

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A good strategy eases the load

The deciding factor in an enjoyable strategy is ensuring the strategic approach actually makes life easier. Strategy is intended to cut through complexity. Strategy is worthwhile.
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Professional challenges...

... have grown significantly over the past few years. The reasons are manifold: economic pressure, fast-paced work environments, and the expectations of being constantly available. Increasingly, one must strive for higher targets whilst working with fewer resources.

Under such conditions, the need for strategic planning becomes indispensable in one’s own area of responsibility, or even for the entire organisation. StrakeConsulting* applies the rather abstract concept of “strategy” to the collective work process, bringing practical master plans to life. We create programmes that are tailor made for you. We look at how your business works and, together with you, we plan the necessary steps and an appropriate course of action.

Fit for Strategy

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Those who do not set clear goals must not be surprised if they end up somewhere unexpected. No one sets unattainable goals without good reason; but even if the goal is attainable by all means, a navigation system that is not kept up to date will lead you off course.
Straight out of its well-stocked toolbox is StrakeConsulting*’s performance-oriented evaluation programme, Fit for Strategy. Thanks to this tool, we help you define your strategic goals and map out an optimal course of action. And, in the eventuality of encountering unexpected setbacks, we have various methods and tools at our disposal to support your quest for success and, if necessary, assist you in identifying alternative routes.

Fit for Change

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Taking on new responsibilities is not only filled with opportunities but also with challenges. For the most part, you will need to adapt quickly as the expectations of supervisors and staff will be high.

“Fit for Change” helps the structured orientation in new areas of responsibility. In consultation with the supervisor, clear goals are identified. Once this is done, the employee’s new role, environment, and existing resources are tested.
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