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Shaping change in management

Taking on new responsibilities is not only filled with opportunities but also with challenges. For the most part, you will need to adapt quickly as the expectations of supervisors and staff will be high. Either you outdo your predecessor, or you’ll succumb to being measured against your predecessor’s outstanding performance, having to quickly deliver at least similar results.

“Fit for Change” helps the structured orientation in new areas of responsibility. In consultation with the supervisor, clear goals are identified. Once this is done, the employee’s new role, environment, and existing resources are tested. On the basis of these results, a strategic implementation plan is developed. Mapping the strategic plan closely with the supervisor ensures the programme is accurate and specific. Because at such times organisational resources are usually very tight, it’s all the more important to set the correct priorities for the next few months to utilise and strengthen your competence in leadership.

In the process the following questions are addressed:
• Who are your internal and external customers?
• What tasks/projects are particularly critical to success?
• Which requirements must be met?
• Which tasks are time consuming?
• What does customer focus mean to you?

“Fit for Change” is all about you as a leader, as well as the people with whom you wish to be successful:
• How will you shape the communication structure?
• What do you want to do differently from your predecessor, what do you keep the same?
• Which management style best suits you and your team?

These questions help you to quickly achieve clarity and to communicate your vision with your staff, allowing everyone to pull together. Studies show that this has many benefits: if staff share the goals and strategies of their manager, they understand and identify themselves with them.

If you’d like to know more about “Fit for Change”, we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

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