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Against the background of demographic change, it is increasingly important for companies to identify, develop and retain their talents. Because the next round of the war for talents has already begun.

Mentoring is a great way to share knowledge and experiences between generations and across hierarchies, to foster new networks and relationships. It also ensures that knowledge stays within the organisation.

Mentoring can be applied for a variety of purposes:
◦ To increase the number of women in management positions
◦ To improve cooperation between internal and external staff
◦ To network internationally
◦ To maintain contact between expatriates and the head office

Since 1996 we’ve developed company-specific mentoring programmes to target the promotion and retention of high-potential staff. Upon request, we are happy to supply you with our mentoring brochure.

Each mentoring programme must be exactly aligned to the specific goals of the organisation. Our experience shows that even those programmes that are ongoing within an organisation need to be adapted to the changing business needs – this is the only way to ensure that knowledge, networking and expertise remain the integral components of an organisation.

Another important success factor in a mentoring programme is the regular monitoring of mentees through workshops and ongoing evaluations. This combined process allows on one hand, to address any problems in tandem in a timely manner and, on the other hand, to support the networks of the entire group. It’s important to remember that the benefits of positive networking will outlast the programme and will continue long after its conclusion.
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