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How do you achieve success?

Anyone who wants to be successful with a limited amount of resources, these days, needs a good navigation system. It becomes immediately clear while setting the targets, whether a goal is achieved as easily as you or your customers want it to be. Also, unexpected obstacles and a lack of resources (were you still fuelling up yesterday?) can be diagnosed early and taken into account.

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Those who do not set clear goals must not be surprised if they end up somewhere unexpected. No one sets unattainable goals without good reason; but even if the goal is attainable by all means, a navigation system that is not kept up to date will lead you off course.
Straight out of its well-stocked toolbox is StrakeConsulting*’s performance-oriented evaluation programme, „Fit for Strategy“. Thanks to this tool, we help you define your strategic goals and map out an optimal course of action. And, in the eventuality of encountering unexpected setbacks, we have various methods and tools at our disposal to support your quest for success and, if necessary, assist you in identifying alternative routes.

The concept was developed to focus on the essential aspect of strategic management. It can be employed and customised to the specific needs of the self-employed, entrepreneurs and executives.

„Fit for Strategy“ helps you develop and/or review the strategy in your area of responsibility. To support you in getting the most from your strategy, we apply a Balanced Scorecard to identify the variables and measures. To ensure you reliably achieve your goals, we identify the categories in your area of responsibility that have the most talent for success.

At the same time, „Fit for Strategy“ offers in-house training. It can be used to learn and deepen your understanding of important processes like corporate governance. The toolbox offers useful tools to achieve success and provides an early problem detection system, which gives you the opportunity to consider how best to manage these. The system provides great added value to anyone with no formal business training, and who is responsible for running a business.

An additional advantage of „Fit for Strategy“ is the concept’s flexibility. You don’t need to meet in conclave; your strategic plan is developed over the course of six individual sessions with the support of a consultant. This one-on-one work structure has other benefits. First, it enables you gain clarity about what YOU want to achieve. Secondly, you decide very selectively, which goals to set as a manager and to what degree to seek the feedback of your staff. All in all, with „Fit for Strategy“ you get a practical and effective programme that enables you to achieve sustainable success.

Strategic management for managers

Due to the constantly increasing demands of organisations, the senior executives are constantly required to deliver higher performances. The rule of thumb is: to deliver better results with fewer resources. This is where strategic management is useful, in consistently reassessing your objectives and measures.
„Fit for Strategy“ offers the opportunity to refresh and realign the skills of those executives, who have held their positions for quite some time. Through the systematic evaluation of existing resources and future scenarios, you will gain a new perspective over your challenges. You will be able to decide where to allocate your resources over the next few years.

The programme „Fit for Change“ has been specifically developed to manage organisational change and an effective orientation to new challenges.

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